The Feasibility Study for the Development of a Project for Fattening Beef Cattle in Rwanda

 To meet the increasing demand for meat by the growing population, Rwanda’s agricultural policy advocates the adoption of intensive livestock production including cattle fattening.

The major objective of this consultancy was to carry out a feasibility study that could serve as a guide to entrepreneurs with the necessary capital and business skills to invest in industrial beef production systems.
The involvement of the traditional livestock keepers (agro-pastoralists and pastoralists) into the new livestock production and marketing system is crucial and may require the development of a comprehensive outreach program to link livestock keepers, extension, the private sector and researchers in order to facilitate the smooth transfer of the new livestock management technologies.
The proposed feedlot model is technically sound, financially and economically viable. The demand for quality meats in Rwanda was observed to be strong and growing, a situation that will ensure adequate beef production levels and sufficient return to investment.
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